I had been wanting to try one of the newer (ok-to me they’re newer) soft fabrics. For some reason I thought that the fabric would be much thicker, and make it more challenging to sew, but I was completely wrong. I found this adorable cow fabric and knew I had my project!

IMG_1342After cutting out the size I wanted (large enough to use, but small enough to grab and throw in the car, throw over a stroller for a spring walk) I pinned the two fabrics (right sides together-see photo) and sewed around the outside edge. Turn right-side-out through a small opening, and then sewed a finished edge around the whole blanket. When sewing the finished edge after turning the fabrics make sure you sew the opening you used for turning right side out.

IMG_1389This picture shows the finished product. Cute cows on one side and soft fabric on the other.

And the bottom photo demonstrates what happens when you put sewing project on the floor in my house-there is always a curious feline around to inspect!