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IMG_1371Many years ago, on a trip to Shipshewanna, I had purchased a vintage Coke crate. I’ve lugged it from residence to residence, and it’s never had a true purpose. For many years it sat on top of my kitchen cabinets, but recently, I decided it needed to serve a new, more useful purpose. This decision really came about because I had some extra glass drawer pulls from an estate sale. Don’t see the connection? Ahhhhhh…..so I had purchased a large collection of glass drawer pulls, and most of them were small, which is what I was desiring. However, within the group there were four large, glass drawer pulls. They sat on my dining room table for a long time. Then I got sick of looking at them, and wanted to get rid of them use them for something creative and ingenious. Enter the purposeless Coke crate. I thought-hey, that would make a nice cat bed with the right accessories.

I started by drilling four holes in the bottom of the crate so that I could secure the glass drawer pulls. Position your drawer pulls on the bottom of your crate, to see where to position the holes for the pulls. Once the holes are drilled, and the drawer pulls are screwed in, you’re half-way there. If you’re putting this on carpet, you don’t have to do anything, the glass pulls will slide well; if you’re putting this on wood, or a hard floor, I suggest putting some felt protectors on the bottom so they don’t scratch your floor.IMG_1404

At this point, if you wanted to stop and use the crate for a cute storage or display case, you certainly could. Then you’d be done with the constructing part of this project, and the rest of us will be jealous 😉

My initial second step was to find an old pillow and this crazy-cool vintage pillow case (in ticking) that I had, but the girls didn’t want anything to do with that. They wouldn’t even step foot paw in there. I think it was too poofy and full, but they didn’t really share their concerns with me. I replaced the pillow with some plaid flannel, and they like that well enough. Although, truth be told, they hadn’t been using it and I was thinking of converting it to book storage, when lo and behold, Ally decided to nap in there this past Sunday. I guess it will remain a cat bed for a while longer…