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IMG_1365I am over-the-moon in love with anything chevron these days, so when I found the yellow chevron fabric on sale, I knew it would make a great table runner for my dining room table.

This is a very simple sewing project, for you newbies-just cut out your rectangle of the main fabric and some fabric for the back. Sew all the way around (right sides together) leaving an opening of about 3″ or so, clip the corners (which reduced the amount of fabric there, so that when you turn the corners they are as pointy as possible) and turn it right side out. Iron all the seams down and either machine or hand stitch your opening closed. Use a pencil or pointy object to help turn your corners, if needed. Ironing is crucial, as for any other sewn project.

I think it looks good, but I think the cats are going to see it as either 1) runway or 2) a sleeping pad! Oh well…