Yes, I know…there are a plethora of instructions out there on how to make flowers, and I’m sure this way has been described before. I thought I’d share this way because maybe you’ve forgotten about the other ways, and need a little nudge to get you crafting again.

Pictured here are most of the supplies you need for this project-wire, stem wrap tape, wire cutters, some felt circles (the size that you want your flower base to be), ribbon and a hot glue gun.

You begin by creating two small holes in the middle of the felt circle. This is where the wire comes up and through, creating the stem and adjoining the base and stem together. You can make the holes with the wire itself, or use the sharp end of a pair of scissors.

After the wire stem is created, wrap it with the stem tape. This is floral tape, and if you’ve never used it before, here’s a little information: it sticks only to itself. You should pull on the tape (a bit) as you wrap it around the base of the stem, moving from the top (by the felt circle) to the bottom of the stem. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll have the skill for the rest of your life 😉

The next step involves the ribbon. You want to gather the ribbon a bit to create a ruffled look. You do this by hand sewing a running stitch down the middle of your ribbon. Use a coordinating thread that matches the ribbon you’re using. The stitches don’t really matter-this is not for your perfectionist self, just do the running stitch. Tie a knot in the end of the thread when you are done, so that your gathers (or ruffles) will stay. You can decide how much you want your ribbon gathered (to make more gathers, pull tighter the ribbon tighter, as you’re doing the running stitch).

The last step involves hot gluing the ribbon to the felt circle base. Please be careful when you use the hot glue gun-I’ve been using it for years (decades!) and I still burn myself.

Starting on the outside of the felt base, lay down some hot glue, and start laying your ruffled ribbon down. You will move from the outside of the circle, inside, until you get the very center. You’ll want to scrunch (don’t be scared by the use of this “official” term!-ha ha!) up the ribbon a bit as you go to give an even more ruffled or layered look. In the last picture here, you can see that on the one flower, I added a button in the center. It’s up to you if you want to do this. When gluing, the main thing to remember is to glue over the end of the ribbon with other parts of the ribbon. In other words, you’re layering the on top of itself in some places.

If needed, you can cut your stems, depending on the container you will use, with the wire cutters.

This project from start to end took less than 30 minutes. The flowers have several possibilities-you don’t have to put stems on them and could glue a pin back on, and pin a flower to your purse/bag, coat or whatever! Also, you could leave the stems off, and glue them directly to something, like a sign or picture frame too.

Hope you enjoy this project and have some time for crafting this weekend!