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The weather has gotten cooler, and I’ve had some extra time, so I’ve had the luxury of getting a few knitting projects done over the last couple months.

This scarf is a gift for someone who is a bit under the weather. Thought it might help him to stay warm during the cooler weather. It’s a simple pattern, two row repeat. The first row is K3, P3 (repeat) and the 2nd row is K1, P1 (repeat). The pattern is free at Ravelry, it’s called the Montana Scarf. The pattern called for super bulky yarn, but I used a lighter weight yarn (Cascade Cloud).

I thought the pattern was easy, and turned out nicely.

The Cowl is for my cat sitter who will be taking care of my precious girls next week. It’s made from Lion Brand Wool-Ease yarn (super bulky weight) and is very heavy weight cowl-good for the cold, windy Chicago days!

It’s an easy pattern another two row repeat. First row is K1, P1 and the second row is a knit row. It’s knit in the round, and I casted on 78 stitches. I think the simple ribbed pattern is nice and shows up well with this yarn.

The last scarf is a donation for my knit store. They collect and donate red scarves for foster children in the US. Lets be clear about this-I’m only donating the scarf…the furry model stays with me!

I don’t remember how many stitches I used, but it’s a simple seed stitch pattern. If you cast on an odd number of stitches, you can K1, P1 every row instead of trying to switch between K1, P1 and P1, K1 for the rows.

I used an acrylic yarn that I had gotten at an estate sale, and it took only one skein of my yarn. Cannot remember the brand though.

I also knitted another cowl, but I’m displeased with it and am on the fence about what to do with it. If I decide to keep it, I’ll share it later. Otherwise, it might be torn apart and used for parts!

Hope you guys are out there knitting something too! I’m still working on a dropped stitch wrap and I have to start another cowl over since I ripped it out last week. It will be a nice, little project to drag with me on my trip next week, though. After that, I think I will need to focus on a couple Christmas presents, if they’re to get done for 2012!