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This knitted shawl (or wrap) was a “mystery project”. I received one set of instructions each week, for a series of five weeks. I had no idea what the shawl would look like at all when I began (or even mid-way through ;–). Thankfully, it was a pattern I liked! It’s a good thing too, because it took me way longer than the five weeks it was supposed to take. And, a lot more yarn than it was supposed to, too!

Here is a close-up picture of the middle, to give you an idea of the pattern.

The pattern was not overly difficult, but the rows were incredibly long, for most of the project, as you can imagine.

I used a light, cotton yarn in an off-white. I was looking for a wrap that would go with anything! I think I got it.

The bottom picture is a close-up of the edging detail.

I’m pleased with the end result, and hope to get lots of use out of it in cool restaurants, movie theaters, etc.!

Knit on!