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Hey Y’all! How about a country-type craft project? My last book club selection was a memoir, and the author was from (and wrote about) eastern Tennessee. So, many of my book club decorations had a southern flair-well, my interpretation of what southern decorations would look like!

I made a bunting using some gingham checked fabric, denim and burlap. Instead of a ribbon or fabric top, I used folded up newspaper. I thought this looked pretty rustic, which is what I was aiming for.

The second picture shows a close-up of the newspaper and fabric seam.

I folded newspaper and then slid the fabric triangles in between the folds and sewed it up.

For the book club party, I ended up sewing this bunting to a piece of denim fabric, which made a great tablecloth. Afterwards, I ripped out the stitching that held the bunting and denim together, and now I have a regular bunting to hang wherever, whenever!

Doesn’t your next get together need a bunting??