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I picked up a small, tin container at one of my favorite antique shops a couple months ago. Not sure what I was going to do with it, but I finally decided to make it into a pincushion.

I started by cutting a piece of thick foam to fit, and then added some thinner foam to go over it to give the cushion a more rounded look.

Then, I cut a piece of fabric to be a little larger than the tin itself.

I stuffed the foam inside the tin, and then went around the inside edge of the tin with some glue. I then placed the fabric on top and shoved the fabric down into the sides of the tin. The glue will help to hold the fabric in places, as will the foam, since it was a tight fit.

The results were met with excitement from all five of the foster kittens. Actually, the whole project was met with major excitement from them. Of course, the project took three times as long as it should have if I didn’t have five, 10-week old kittens “helping” me out.

The pincushion had to be immediately stored away in a secure drawer, as you can see, kittens like pins, and they are not a good combination.