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I’m super excited that this blanket is done and turned out so well. I think it’s my favorite thing that I’ve knitted. When you’ve only been knitting for 1 1/2 years, it’s easy to say that!

I found the pattern in the book, Knits to Give: 30 Knitted Gifts Made with Love by Debbie Bliss:

Knits to Give: 30 Knitted Gift Ideas. Debbie Bliss

I was able to get the book from my library, so if you’re interested in this pattern, you might check yours first to see if they carry it too.

This is a “typical” leaf pattern. It was a sixteen row repeat and didn’t contain any stitches that I consider difficult. It took me a while to knit it though, each row took me at least ten minutes to knit (lllllooooonnnnggg rows)! I didn’t do the math to calculate how long it took me exactly, but you know a lot of time went into it!

Here is a close-up