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I have been making The Barefoot Contessa’s granola for a couple years. I’ve shared it with several co-workers and I have found it to be a reliable recipe that produces a very nice product. Here’s Ina’s recipe:


I don’t add the dried fruit that she adds at the end. I will just add dried fruit, on a serving-by-serving basis, depending on what I want. Also, I add chopped walnuts to the mixture to give it more nuts, which is how I like it. I also decrease the amount of oil to 1/2 cup, and have found that to be enough fat/liquid for this recipe. Lastly, I bake it at a lower temperature, because I’ve found that it browns faster than she says it will!
I love layering this granola with yogurt and fruit, or adding it to top peanut butter toast in the morning. It keeps well in a sealed container. Enjoy!