For my last hosting of book club I wanted to make some cute decorations to set the scene! First off, I wanted to make a sign to hang on the front door.

For this project I used an artist canvas, old dictionary pages, Mod Podge and pipe cleaners. The blur at the upper, left corner of this first picture is my foster kitty, Jelly, who supervised this project.

The second picture shows how the canvas looked after I  had Mod Podged the dictionary pages onto it. It’s still wet, which is why it looks white.

The third pictures shows the dictionary pages after they have dried.

Once the pages were dried I created words from pipe cleaners and glued them onto the canvas. Our book club is called The Paperback Posse, so that’s why I called it ‘Posse Party’.

This was an easy project that took pretty much no time-it took longer to dry than it did to create! Hope it gives you some ideas of your own! Enjoy.