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This is another simple project. The result is a cute, “dressed up” onesie. All you need is a onesie and a pretty doily and some coordinating thread. I washed both my items, because they will be washed once little girl gets it, and I wanted to make sure the shrinking (if it was to happen) had already occurred.

I found a vintage doily in my collection, and decided to use that one. You certainly could get a brand new one too. Because my doily was vintage, it was not the same crisp white as the onesie, so I dyed it so it wouldn’t look dingy. I happened to dye mine pink…

The idea is to “wrap” the doily so that half shows on the front and half on the back. Once you figure out where you want the doily placed, and pin it in place. I  machine sewed some of the doily and hand sewed part. If you have a sewing machine with an arm, this project will be easier than it was for me.

close up of the larger, side doily

I made sure I sewed down the edges, as well as the center, so it wouldn’t pucker.