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Here are two recipes that I recently came across and thought they’d be nice to include in the coming week’s meals. See if you agree….if you make them, let us all know how they turned out and whether or not you liked them!

Horseradish potato salad


There are some tastes that I absolutely love. Horseradish is one of them. I tend to forget about it sometimes, then I’ll get reminded and eat it a bunch of times in short period of time.

This recipe comes from Smitten Kitchen-she is famous and has millions of followers, so she doesn’t need me to speak for her, but she’s pretty incredible from what I can tell. This recipe looks fan-tas-tic. This recipe combines potatoes, sour cream, horseradish (of course), chives and dill, and sound perfect. I think I’ll try it this weekend and let you know!

Copycat Portillo’s Chopped Salad


If you’ve never had Portillo’s chopped salad, then I suggest you never try it-stay as far away as possible, because once you have it, you’ll love it! This recipe includes the (necessary) copycat salad dressing too. Honestly, it’s a great salad, and the dressing is what makes it since the salad ingredients are pretty “regular”. I’m not sure this is a good-for-you salad (with the cheese and bacon?! You think?) but it’s a great treat to have, and if you wanted to boost the nutrition value, I know you could add some nutrient dense veggies (spinach leaves, broccoli, carrots) and since they get chopped up into small pieces, no one will really notice and that would make you secretly feel clever and healthy!