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If you’re on or have visited Pinterest.com you probably have seen several version of the sewing kit in a jar, but here is mine.

I thought this was going to be an EASY project that I would whip out quickly. I had been collecting supplies for a while, because I knew I wanted to make these sewing kits for the take-away gifts when I hosted my next book club. With that date quickly approaching, I wanted to get this done. After starting, I realized, I needed to re-think and re-work the kits.

The idea is to make the top, the lid, into a pin cushion. Sounded like an easy idea, and as I was glueing, I realized there would be an issue with the fabric on the lid making it too fat to screw onto the bottle. Now I used the small mason jars, so I’m not sure if this issue would have existed with larger jars or not. I had to rip out all my initial work and re-work and re-glue them. Forget about making them look pretty, because there was no way I could fit a piece of fabric on the inside bottom of the top to cover up the glueing and edges of the top piece of fabric.

Since I was getting frustrated because they weren’t turning out well, it was taking me oodles of time longer than anticipated, I decided to change-up the design of some of the jars to exclude the pin cushion. Instead, I put two magnets on the top of the flat part of the lid, and covered them in fabric, and glued the whole flat part onto the side part of the lid. This way, pins could be stored or “caught” on the top without a pin cushion.

Inside, I tucked some sewing needles, thread, tape measure and thimbles. pins are on the tops of the lids, and the flat, magnetic lids have small scissors too.

Even if you have a sewing room or sewing supplies, these little kits can hide in a drawer at work, or in the glove compartment of your car, just in case!