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I have seen MANY different types of chalkboard trays and I think they’re cool. I love silver trays that are converted with chalkboard paint, but I couldn’t bring myself to do that to a silver tray; it seems sacrilegious in some way to me. I was fortunate enough to find a pewter-like tray that I had no problem painting! Also, this tray will not need to be polished like a silver or silver-plated tray-bonus!

I used a chalkboard paint that you apply with a brush. If you were to spray paint this project, you’d have to tape off the edges. I used a foam brush, to minimize the brush strokes. I didn’t tape off the edge (but it is advisable) and I cleaned the paint up with nail polish remover to give it a nice, clean edge.

This was a quick project. The paint takes a little longer than regular paint to dry, but other than that, there weren’t any issues. Don’t you need a new, fancy chalkboard???