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I am easily annoyed by the numerous little pieces of paper that live on my kitchen counters. I didn’t have a good system to store them so that they would stay organized and could never find what I was looking for. I needed something to rectify this issue!

I used jute-like material that is used to create the support systems in upholstered chairs-it is basketweaved together and stapled or nailed to the wooden structure, and then batting, filling and fabric are layered on top.

I cut a length of it about 3 feet long and folded the top a couple times, so that it would fit snuggly into two flat clothespins. I glued magnet material onto the backside of the clothespins. Then I made the key clips. I just wired some old keys onto clips that I think may have been used for some kind of paper projects (?). The clips were in my stash of “neat-o things” that I had picked up at an estate sale somewhere along the way.  You could used large paperclips or binder clips instead.


I hung this message center on my large blackboard that is right off of my kitchen. Now I can clip all my messages, library receipts, etc. and easily know where they are when I need them!

This project took me almost no time to do. There are many variations that you could make to cater it to your needs-you could use fabric instead, you could glue the magnets directly onto the fabric and eliminate the clothespins. Or you could use some kind of magnetic clips instead of messing with the glue. You could put it on the fridge to help corral all the miscellaneous pictures, recipes, notes, etc. that end up there.

This is how it looks right now: