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In case you haven’t figured this out yet….I LOVE peanut butter. I also really love the combinations of PB and chocolate, as well as caramel and chocolate. I’m sure that will become even more clear, as we pursue our blogging relationship, and get to know one another more.

This recipe came from here:


I’ve already confessed that I don’t usually follow recipes well (as in, to a T), so I’ll share what I changed with this recipe.

I substituted whole wheat flour for half the total flour in this recipe. I used a whole bag of chocolate chips-12 oz; I used dark chocolate chips instead of semi-sweet ones. I used soy milk instead of the milk in the recipe-this wasn’t intentional, it’s just what was in my fridge. I’m sure you could also use canned condensed milk in place of regular milk too, if that would make your life easier.

I think this is a solid recipe. Easy to make, and produced a good-tasting product. Reviews were positive, and I thought the bars had a nice, deep peanut butter taste. I hope you enjoy this recipe; maybe you’ll even make it for someone who loves peanut butter too 😉