Recently, a friend of mine turned 40. I made up some jars to help celebrate her age. I didn’t want her to dwell on getting older (hard not to do!) so I wanted her to know that I think: 40 rocks! 40 shines! and 40 sparkles! You could do something like this to celebrate any age or decade.

40 Sparkles-this jar was 40 diamond-looking plastic pieces that I found at my local fabric/hobby store.

The tag for each jar was a chalboard card that I purchased, and cut into thirds. I used a permanent silver marker to write on them, and used some baker’s twine to tie them on. The jars were also purchased at a hobby store.

40 Rocks-this jar was simply 40 small rocks found at my local fabric/hobby store, in the floral decorating area.

For the 40 Shines jar I spray painted regular (small sized) sea shells. I used a shiny, silver spray paint. I loved the way the shells turned out, and may have to do this again!