I found this great pattern on a website, Spool  http://www.spoolsewing.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/birdpattern1-1.pdf for some sewn, stuffed birds. I have been bird-crazy lately, so I felt compelled to make these guys. The pattern and instructions were simple and clear.

I knew exactly where I wanted to put them, so I picked some red and blue fabrics to go with my kitchen. I thoroughly enjoyed going through my red-white-blue fabric stash, and picked the ones I thought would work the best.

I cut out the paper pattern pieces and glued them to some cardboard (which was from a diet coke case). I wanted the pattern pieces to be sturdy enough to use for five birds.

After marking all the fabric pieces with the appropriate pattern cutouts, I cut them all out and pinned them together. Sewing the pieces was fairly straightforward-it did require a little finessing during the sewing process, in the bird’s chest area. , they look a little deflated and wrinkled, but that will all get smoothed out when the stuffing is added.

I had originally envisioned them glued to wire and I was going to wrap the wire onto my kitchen blinds (so that it would look like the birds were sitting on a wire above my window) but I “found” some chicken wire laying around and glued them to the chicken wire instead. I ended up putting them on top of my fridge for now. You don’t have to make them with two contrasting fabrics like I did-you could use the same fabric for both pieces of each bird, or you could use the same fabric (if making more than one bird) for each bird’s chest piece, just a couple ideas. I also think they would look cool glued on a small/medium branch and hung on the wall!