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For some reason, I was really struggling with the blog posting containing all the pictures of the hearts; sorry I needed to split them all up. I’m sure each of you has been on the edge of your seat waiting to see more hearts ūüėČ

I suppose I should’ve started my post with this information, but this is how I made the hearts. First, I drew some heart shapes on paper until I got the shape I was looking for. I wanted mine to be imperfect-in that I didn’t want those perfectly rounded curvy parts. when I got a shape I liked I cut it out, and then used that as my template to cut out all the fabric pieces. I selected a neutral fabric, heavier than a muslin, but lighter than a burlap; gray wool; denim; red print calico fabric and; gray and red flannel. I sewed them (right sides together) and left a 1 1/2 inch opening to turn them. Once turned, I stuffed them with batting and hand stitched the opening closed. I’ve also seen people hot glue the openings closed, if that appeals to you more. The “accessories” were either sewed on, or pinned on. I didn’t use any glue, but you could use that too.

I had purchased some¬†buttons from an estate sale this past summer, among them, was this string of¬†cream-pearl buttons that the previous owner had sewn, by hand, onto a scrap piece of fabric. I couldn’t bring myself to cut them off, and when I did these hearts, I got to use her work to decorate¬†this heart. I loved the rustic look. One of my favorites!

Another stamped heart with “LOVE”, and it was further decorated with a pin that says “fragile”.¬†Thought that was a fair pairing, and I liked the simple look of this one.

This denim heart is simple in its design, with a plain rhinestone pin put on the front. I really liked the way this one turned out too. How many favorites can I have?!

A Parisian themed heart¬†with a crown tidbit¬†and a random, stamped number. I think a little sparkle on the crown would have added to the look of this one…I’ll have to think about that and maybe come up with something a little more glitzy next time.

I sewed on a bulldog clip to this red heart. The idea being that you could clip a little note to your loved one. I used a metal rimmed key tag to give you the idea, although I left it blank. Wouldn’t¬†this be cute to leave behind for your sweety¬†to find? I think the bulldog clip and metal key tag help to give this one a more masculine look (if hearts can be masculine….)

OK….might have left my most favorite one for last. I cut out a small heart out of an old sweater (um, BTW¬†Tammy, kept a scrap of your¬†red sweater that we cut up to make the pillow….thanks!)¬†and clipped it to the gray wool heart with a clothes pin. Love the look of this one, it makes me smile.

I hope that these hearts have given you some ideas of your own. Maybe today’s a good day to make a few?! I’ve shared my favorites, feel free to leave a comment and let us all know which are your favorites-I’d love to know.