Although I don’t usually decorate my house for Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be festive to have some hearts around.

All the fabrics used came from my stash, as well as almost all the decorations. I’m a lucky girl to have such an extensie collection of suff!

A neutral heart, just wrapped in some simple lace ribbon.

These two hearts aren’t going to be part of “the group” that hangs around-I’m giving them as gifts. I was going for a French look. After sewing the hearts, and before stuffing them, I stamped them with “LOVE”. The ribbon to hang them is black gingham. The Parisian-looking keys came from Hobby Lobby, in their Valentine’s Day goodies.

This heart is made out of a gray and red flannel, embelished with a small, vintage doiley. It’s one of my favorites-I love how it turned out!

This denim heart photographed a little goofy, but I liked the combination of denim with the red gingham. A little country looking for sure. Not as goofy looking in reality.

An asymetrical heart. One of the more sparkly ones, but done in neutrals as to not be too over-the-top.

A red print heart. I layered a small, brass cupid on top of a black button. Honestly, probably my least favorite of the hearts.

This is a gray, wool heart. I layered two yo-yos on top of one another, and topped them off with a metal button. Loved the look when it was finished.

I’ll post the rest of the hearts in the next post-some of the best ones are still to come!