I’m reluctant to tell you how long ago I started this project, but it’s been years; more than five, I suspect. I had purchased a very cute, somewhat vintage looking, kitchen towel-you’ve probably seen these State-themed items in your parts… I couldn’t imagine wiping my dirty hands on it, so I envisioned making it into a pillow. The bottom of the towel has a cool ric rac edge, and I wanted to preserve that, so to make the pillow, I folded the towel in half, and (with right sides together) sewed the two sides together (but not the bottom) on the sewing machine. Turning it right-side-out, I stuffed it with fiberfill. Because when I did this, it looked lumpy, I put the pillow in the craft closet where it sat for years. Recently, needing space in my craft closet (hummmm) I took it out and decided to tackle it once and for all.

So, I removed all the fiberfill, and cut some batting to fit snuggly inside, to line the insides of the entire pillow. Then, I re-stuffed it with the fiberfill, and it was a much nicer, smoother look.

I then hand stitched the bottom, to preserve the ric rac edge. I didn’t fold the edges in to make a neat edge, I did a rough X stitch along the end. This also served to give the pillow a more rustic look, which was fine with me!

Although this isn’t the best picture, the pillow had come to rest on my wicker chair, and I think the darkness of the chair helps to show it off well.

Hope you are starting to think of some of your kitchen towels a little differently!