I refuse to make new year resolutions! I haven’t done it in years. This year, however, I have decided to make a few intentions.  I won’t bore you with the details of most of them, but a couple pertain to my crafting and cooking parts of life, so I’ll share them. Writing them and telling you all is going to make it easier for me to stick to them!

The first, which was supposed to occur last year, is to bake bread. If I’ve ever made homemade bread from scratch, I don’t recall. I intend to try to make some bread, and the upcoming cold, winter months are the perfect time to do it. Stay tuned!

Secondly, I intend to knit more. Last year I learned to knit, and I was pleased with my committment the first part of last year, making several projects. However, my productivity waned a bit the second part of the year. I would like to renew my knitting zeal. First up: a baby blanket (to have in reserve should someone become pregnant) and a sweater vest, which is my knitting group’s “group project”. And, I’m happy to announce that I finished my black scarf that I started months ago! Several projects got injected into the priority list, so this one kept getting pushed back, but here it is–finished!