I don’t ordinarily decorate my cubicle at work, but I decided to make a few things and bring them downtown for some holiday cheer at my home-away-from-home. These pictures aren’t the greatest, but it’s the best I could do in cubeland.

My aim was for a “homespun” holiday theme.

Close up of the bunting I made-Just cut triangles of santa fabric out and sewed them onto some jute. Strung jingle bells in between.


Here is a side-view of the pinecones I made with the pom-poms.


A small village on top of my cubbies. I had purchased a Pendalton scarf (for $1.25?!) that is laying underneath them.


A small, purchased tree with button ornaments that I strung on. I used glittery eyelash yarn as "garland".


Here is the bunting hanging, under the pinecone ledge.


I covered wooden letters with jute and glued them to some fabric-lined Goodwill frames.


Here is a sample of what the wooden letters looked like before and during the wrapping process.