It seems like glitter anythings are showing up everywhere lately.

So I decided it was time for me to make some glitter deer for the holiday. I started with these guys-a mom and two babes

They were cute in their own right, but I wanted glitz! So, out came the Mod Podge and a paint brush….after a thick coat, the glitter went on well. I let it all dry well, and then painted another coat of Mod Podge on top, to help the glitter stick better. It worked-there was a lot less shedding with the deer than there was with the pumpkins I made around Halloween.

The last step was to make some inspirational collars-the doe has a collar that says “love” and the babies have “joy” and “hope”. I made them out of some vellum paper, but any paper would work. The picture at the end of this post has a close-up of the doe’s “collar”.

The three are arranged on the base of a cloche that I have, but the pictures turned out better when I left the top off, that’s why it doesn’t look complete.

If the “cloche” looks a little small or different, it’s because it used to be a cheese tray and dome! I painted the bottom of it black (instead of the natural wood) and use it for small displays. You can find these pretty cheaply at Goodwill stores.