Every Thanksgiving, my family plays BINGO. I think we started doing it because it’s a game that big groups can play; little kids pick up on it pretty well, and if not, they can be easily partnered with a “helper”; and we needed to do something to give us some time to digest the dinner food before we brought out desserts!

Some years there are actual prizes, and some years there is “just” money handed out to the winners. This year, I opted to some small gifts. I needed to wrap them, but wanted a cheap inexpensive way to do it. Enter-the versatile paper bag! I made some tags from a scrap piece of fabric by gluing it to the tag. After the glue and fabric were dry, I stamped the first letter corresponding to the gift bag’s winner. Each item was placed in a paper bag, and the tags were “clipped” on using old clothes pins. I stored them in a little suitcase.

Accidentally got caught taking this picture!