Just in case you haven’t had enough food lately, here’s another delish dessert to think about!

I had never made cream puffs or eclairs, because on some level they are intimidating. But this recipe at Taste of Home, http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/Cream-Puff-Cake made it seem more possible than before. So I tried it.

I followed the recipe pretty closely, and it was easy to do. There are three components to the cake-the base, the filling and the whipped topping. I used a glass baking dish, so I lowered the oven temperature from the recommended 400 degrees to 390. The base came together well, and when I put it into the dish it was just one layer-when it baked, it puffed up (um, guess that’s where the “puff” portion of the cream puff name comes from!). The recipe calls for cool whip as the top layer, but since I made this recipe right around Thanksgiving, and I had a lot of whipping cream around the house, I used that instead.

I forgot to take pictures immediately when I made it, but this is a picture of it almost 48 hours after I finished the cake (the whipped cream is a little flat). It was a very good tasting cake! I highly recommend it.