With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I wanted a quick project that was festive, without being overly cutsie.

I purchased some canning jar lids (the inserts) for about $2.25/12. I spray painted the backs (the side with the rubber part) in case I hung it somewhere where the backs would show. Then, for the fronts, I printed some large, block letters (from Microsoft Word) onto dictionary paper. I cut them to size (to fit the center of th lid) and then adhered them to the fronts of the jar lids. [DISCLAIMER: ok…first I printed them on plain paper, and then I had the ingenious idea to use the dictionary paper. So the photos below, you will see the plain paper letters too]

I used Mod Podge and it worked well. After the letters had dried, I used Mod Podge to adhere the glitter to the edges, around the paper. For this step, it’s important to use a thick layer of Mod Podge, and let the glitter dry well. The last step was to glue the lids to some ribbon for hanging.

To hang it on my old window (that I use for display purposes for multiple holidays, I stuck a push-pin through the ribbon, in the back of the window, and I used a tiny amount of temporary putty adhesive (think poster tack) to keep the ribbon in place, on the bottom. I think this would look nice on a darker background. If I could’ve hung it outside, I would have; but the wind has been fierce lately, and I didn’t want anything getting broken. I think this makes a nice, rustic display.

I also hung it on my chalkboard (with a magnet). I think this is where it will stay, so that all my Thanksgiving guests can write on the “Give Thanks” board what they’re thankful for. The glitter and lettering shows up nicely on the dark background.

I wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving. May you always have much in which to be thankful!

Below are some pictures of the preliminary work.