For those of you who remember my post in October (or was it September?) when I posted about my knitting projects-a pair of socks and a scarf… stay tuned. Those are still in process. The scarf is going well, albeit slowly, but the socks-ugh! They are certainly NOT nice. Or fun-they’re not that either. As a matter of fact, I had to face the sad fact that there was going to have to be some major ripping out on those blasted socks, which caused a rather drastic move. I started a new project to re-gain some confidence. As a new knitter (how long do I get to milk my “new” status?) I encounter that overwhelmed-can’t-do-it feeling more often than not.

So, here is my confidence boosting project-scarf. So far so good! It’s an easy pattern, and I love the way it looks. Hope you do too. Maybe it’s time for you to pull out your knitting and start something new too? Winter’s coming….