I resisted for a long time before I bought a pair of Uggs. I thought they were a fad and that there was no way they could live up to the hype surrounding them. I was wrong. Before I bought them I hadn’t owned boots for decades…and I live in the midwest where we get snow, ice and muck. I LOVED them once I got them. They actually kept my feet warm, were incredibly comfortable for me, etc. So, imagine my extreme disappointment when I put a hole in them. I was pretty crushed and disappointed. Off to the cobbler I went, and this was his solution to the hole:

While this may have solved the problem of the hole, I now had an Ugg with a round band-aid. I wasn’t so keen on that.

For a long time I thought about this issue and how to best address it. I didn’t think I could sew through the boot, but then I found these needles! 

I used the needle that is identified for “fur coats/gloves/leather”.

Then, I assembled a piece of felt and two pearlized buttons, and sewed them together before attaching to the boot.

Next, I sewed my felt flower onto the boot. This took a little maneuvering, since I had to work in the toe of the boot, but it wasn’t that difficult.

Now I’m ready for the first snow! OK-just kidding, but when it does, my feet will be ready!