This year I will be hosting Thanksgiving. I’ve been thinking (and thinking and wondering and figuring out) how my table and house will look for the big day. I suppose that’s what happens when I don’t need to plan a menu?!? I’ve decided my goal for the look is (drum roll please….) shabby elegance. There will be some “fancy” items, like my grandma’s china and some shabby decore….like these stamped napkins.

I found some cloth napkins at an estate sale. They were in a box, under the stairs, and I swear they called my name because I don’t know how else I found them. They were a little rough, if you know what I mean, but I could see their potential. A little soak and some scrubbing, and they became the perfect Thanksgivng napkins.

I purchased some clear letter stamps (you could use regular rubber stamps too) and some black fabric paint. My stamps were “rough” looking-intentionaly looking a little worn and imperfect.

 I wanted to stamp some cute words that corresponded to eating…yum, eat, nosh, chow, etc. They needed to be a maximum of four letters (to fit my stamp and napkins) so that helped to determine the words.

I assembled the words on my clear, acrylic blocks that help to line up the letters so that they are stamped even and straight. [Remember that when putting the letters together, you must assemble them backwards so that they’ll stamp correctly.] Then I stamped away. After drying thoroughly, I ironed them to heat-set the paint, per the paint’s instructions.

I love how they turned out and think they are going to make all the food taste even better! Hopefully 😉