This is a simple sewing project that produces a nice cat toy. I didn’t know if my girls would like them, but it turns out that they do! I have one cat that likes to play a lot, and one that doesn’t-unless she can play while laying down, then she’ll do it. Both girls like this toy, and use it fairly regularly.

You will need some fabric (scrap is fine, should be stronger fabric like denim, flannel or canvas-weight), thread, batting and catnip.

Cut a piece of fabric to about 5 ½” wide by 8 ½” long. With right sides together, fold it in half, lengthwise.

Starting at one short end, sew the short and long ends together. Leave the 2nd short end open, for turning and stuffing. Trim corners and edges, as needed.

Turn your fabric piece right-side out. Use a long, pointy item (I used a pair of scissors) to turn corners.

Stuff your log with batting and some catnip rolled together. Use enough batting so that the log is firm. If your cat hasn’t been interested in your project up to this step, be advised! This is where he/she/they get VERY interested!

Leave about ½” unstuffed at end, so that you can turn in fabric and sew the end closed. I stitched the opening up on my machine, but it could be hand sewed as well.

The size works well for them to hold it and use their back paws and claws to really get their aggression out (or practice deadly skills that my cats don’t need anymore).

The picture below is what happened at my house when I made these!