Ghosts and coffins        

I was headed to a Halloween party and wanted to bring a little something for the hostess. In keeping with the spirit of the season, I thought a little something scary would be nice. I picked up a cardboard coffin at JoAnns and painted it black. Found “RIP” in my Halloween cardboard letter collection and glued it on the top of the coffin after the paint had dried.

I had this recipe for some ghost cookies that I knew thought would be a synch:

 I hadn’t read the recipe before I went grocery shopping, and had picked up some vanilla chips at the store to use for these guys. Unfortunately, I should have used the almond bark or bar that the recipe suggests, as my melted chips were too thick, and I had to try to “frost” the nutter butter cookies; if the white chocolate had been thinner when melted, I could’ve just dipped them. But, in the end, I made enough to bring to my hostess.

After the cookies had hardened I bagged them up and placed them into the coffin. I wrapped the whole coffin with some silver tulle to hold it all together.

Hope you enjoy this easy and festive project! We’re almost done with our ten Halloween projects for 2011-phew!

You can see one little ghost peeking out from inside the coffin!