Googly Eyes

When I saw this frame on A Diamond in the Rough blog (at: I knew I had to make it. So cute, and easy too.

I bought a plain, wooden frame. Finding one that was completely flat was a little more challenging than I thought it would be, but I found a reasonably priced one at Hobby Lobby. Also, Ikea has a bunch that would work for this purpose too, if there is one accessible to you.

I began by painting the frame orange because that is the Halloweenish color that I had in my house. After the frame thoroughly dried, I sat down and glued the eyes on. I had some little eyes (tiny and a little bigger than tiny) and, in addition to those, I bought one package of size 10 mm and one package of 15 mm. Before I started, I thought the little eyes looked so cute, but believe me, after gluing those guys on, I was relieved that I had the bigger ones to help the project go along. As it was, it took over 1 ½ hours to glue them on! After all the eyes were on, I glued the ribbon onto the bottom of the frame. While all that dried (and I scrubbed my hands of dried-on glue) I printed out the “Happy Halloween” onto copy paper from my computer, and glued it onto scrapbook paper. I also found a little bat in my Halloween chipboard letters that I had, and glued him onto the paper too. After the ribbon and eyes dried, I cut out the paper, and fit it into the frame opening. Lastly, I glued on the “Eek” to the bottom, and presto-one Halloween frame for decorating around the house or gift giving. This is one of my favorite H. projects that I’ve shared. I think it turned out really well. If i could do one thing differently or better, I would have painted the frame purple, because I think that the green letters, and black and white of eyes and ribbon would have looked even better. Maybe I’ll have to do that on my next one!

One side note: if you think this is a cute project to do with kids, I think you should be prepared for stickiness, and plan accordingly. It’s difficult to glue this many small items without getting glue on fingers, and the immediate surroundings, and I thought I was being neat! I ended up using a cheap paint brush to apply the glue to the backs of the eyes. For the really tiny eyes, I put a small spot of glue on the frame where I wanted, and dropped the eye into place.