Button Flowers-Autumn Style

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a button fan; fan might be too light of a word. I am the daughter of a woman who was a button fan, and I love them. As a matter of fact, I scored a major button hall a couple weeks ago, estate shopping. So this next project was a natural one for me, and required no purchases, I just searched through my button stash (and enjoyed every second of it!).

I wanted to add more color to my Halloween display, and I am in love with projects that will be able to stay out past Halloween, and out-live the bats, witches and spiders, to see Thanksgiving. This is one of those projects.

I searched to find some autumn colored buttons like oranges, yellows and some browns. I was surprised to find that I had enough to make a nice, little bouquet of button flowers for my display. Surprised because these colors are not “my colors” per say, but when you buy enough of other peoples’ buttons, you end up with all varieties. I simply matched up 2-4 buttons (most of my flower buds used three buttons each) and stacked them, threaded a lightweight gauge wire through the button holes and twisted it a couple times so that the buttons would stay put, and not slide on the wire. The wire serves as the “stem”.

The last part of this project, which might be the easiest project yet, was to find a vase or display vessel. I opted for this little glass misfit item I had laying around (waiting for its use in a much different project!!). Below are some pictures of the whole (easy and short) process.

First step was to find and group the buttons together


Second step was to give each flower a wire stem


The bouquet of button flowers (my fav is the one in front with the clear flower button on top!


The final product!