Gone Batty

I needed something to hang on my front door, so I decided to make a wreath with some bats to liven things up.

I used a white, Styrofoam wreath, cheese cloth, 7/8” black, satin ribbon, silver straight pins and then I added on felt flowers and some black and write rick rack, and at the last minute, included some black tulle.

First, I covered the wreath in the cheese cloth. I used plain, straight pins to hold in place. I created the bats by loosely tying a single knot in the ribbon. The “knot” becomes the bat body, and the ends become the wings. I cut all the ends on an angle, to help simulate the wing shape. Since I wanted some bats to be smaller, I folded the ribbon in half, lengthwise, and on these guys I pulled the knot a little tighter. You could also used smaller ribbon, if you have it. I used two straight pins (the kind with the flat, silver heads) to attach the bats to the wreath and create eyes for them.  After I got done with the bats, I thought the wreath still needed something, so I made some felt flowers out of orange and black felt. All you do is cut a strip of felt about ½” wide. You fold the strip in half, lengthwise, and roll up. Stick a pin in the end to hold it together. Longer strips of fabric will produce larger flowers, so you can gauge depending on how big you’d like yours-I made some small and some larger. The small ones I used about 3″ or less in length. 

The flowers didn’t do enough for me, so I went digging in my closets and found some black and white rick rack that I ended up wrapping around the wreath, and then attached the flowers. I used straight pins to attach all of it. I liked it….but I didn’t love it. I let it set for a couple days, and I thought about how to make it better. 

This would be a great project to do with kids who can tie the ribbon, and help with rolling the felt flowers. It’s easy and comes together quickly.

Even thought I had intended for this to be the completed project, when I hung it up, it seemed to lack something, probably because it was light colored, and so is my door. I decided to add some black tulle. I used about 1 1/2 yards of tulle all together. I cut the tulle into 4″ strips, and sewed up one long edge (fold over about 1/2″ of the tulle and sew with a straight stitch on your sewing machine), allowing for a pocket, where I fed some thin wire (string or yarn or even heavy-duty thread would also work here). The wire allowed me to scrunch the tulle and make a bigger impact. I twisted the wire a couple of times to hold it in the circle formation, the size of my wreath, and secured it with straight pins. I liked this end product much better, and I know you will too!