Spider Web Cake Pan      

I was inspired by Pottery Barn’s take on a pie plate with a spider web created in the middle. i tried to find a picture of theirs on line, but no luck. I had seen in in their catalog, and fell in love with it. Since I collect pie plates (I told you I have a lot of collections!) this was the perfect project for me.

I used a cake pan because that is the extra one I had. It can be done with a pie plate too-whichever you prefer. I used plain kitchen twine/string that I had laying around.

The first step was to cut and tie four segments completely around the pan, and tie each one (as tight as you can get it) in the back. These should divide the pan up into as even sections as you can make them. Divide it in half, each way, then into eights, like you are cutting a round cake.

Then I cut a long piece of twine to use to go around to create the round portion of the web. I tied its end to one of the spokes of the web to begin, at the center point where the spokes met. Then I started going around with the twine, going around each spoke (that is, I passed the twine under the spoke, then over and around again. Pulling the twine as taught as possible will help the web to maintain its shape best. Every once in a while I would tie a single knot on a spoke. At the end, I tied a knot to the end. I had to go back and lightly glue each spot where the two strings met, to help them stay in the shape that I wanted. I used a white tacky glue that dries clear.  

Here is a close up of the center of the web. You can see how the string is wrapped around each spoke of the web.

After the web was done, and the glue dried, I had added a couple spiders. The spiders were a nice addition, and helped to hide the spot where my string was too loose! here’s what the finished item looked like.