Today, I begin a series of posts that will feature ten Halloween projects for you to do! I haven’t yet finished (or even figured out what all ten will be!) yet, but I’m sure it will all come together. The first project is a decorative witch’s hat for some home decorating fun.

I wanted a witch’s hat to go into my dome, or cloche, to set up a little Halloween vignette. So here’s how I did it. First, I found some freezer paper and some appropriate black fabric in my fabric stash. The fabric I chose was a black, velvet-like material. I needed something that was going to help stabilize my fabric, so that it would stand up, and that’s where the freezer paper came in. I cut out a piece of freezer paper and a piece of fabric about 13” square. I ironed the freezer paper onto the fabric, but this didn’t work especially well-due to the fabric. If you select a cotton fabric, you shouldn’t have this issue. 

I ended up using spray adhesive to adhere the freezer paper and the fabric together. After a quick dry, I folded the fabric up like three-dimensional triangle, AKA a cone, and glued the edges down. After that dried, I trimmed the bottom of the hat (the base) so that the bottom would be flat, and it would stand upright. I cut a circle out of the same black fabric, to serve as the brim. I cut out the center of the circle (like a doughnut), to allow access into the center of the hat, in case I need to stuff some tissue paper inside for storage. I glued the top of the hat to the brim and let them dry thoroughly.

To decorate it, I glued on a silver ribbon around the base, and made a bow out of green and purple ribbon, and glued a spider onto the center. I think a bunch of these hats would look great lined up on a wall shelf! Turns out that when I finished mine, and put it on my stand, and put the dome/cloche on… was too dark (since the base is black) to show up, so I had to find a new place for my new, cool witch’s hat. I’ll show you how my Halloween decorating turned out after we get through our projects over the next two weeks! Enjoy this easy project!